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Pentair Baseball Stadium Advertising Is A Hit

When baseball season opens, spring can’t be far behind (thank goodness!). But PM has another reason to be excited about it this year, because Pentair’s Filtration and Processing Solutions division recently selected us to develop their new advertising creative for Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.

As the Official Sustainable Water Provider of the Twins, Pentair provides a rainwater recycling system that captures rainwater in a 200,000-gallon tank under the outfield. The water is then filtered to drinking-water quality and reused to wash lower-level stadium seats and irrigate the field, saving nearly 2 million gallons of city water each year.

Pretty great story, huh? The challenge was telling it in the shortest form possible.

We broke it down into simple messages against a palette of Pentair blues, complete with water-themed motion graphics that grab attention — especially when Pentair signage takes over the stadium during the second inning break. The new creative includes animated and static signage throughout the stadium as well as print ads, a radio script and messaging for the in-park TV monitors.


It was a fun project and we can’t wait to see it in action … at a nice, warm summer game.


Meet The Newest Additions to the Family

We pride ourselves on a few things here at Performance Marketing – our stellar roster of clients and the mind-blowing work we do for said clients, the fact that we are slowly but surely taking over the entire penthouse floor of our building, and our popcorn machine - just to name a few. But what we are most proud of at PM has always been our people. Today’s post is a tribute to the newest members of the PM family – in no particular order.

Lori Strum: Media Services

A Prairie City, Iowa native, Lori has been with us since late last year and has jumped in head first to putting together some great media plans for our clients. When she’s not doing that, she’s doting on her two dogs, two cats, gerbil, rabbit, or one of her six fish. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice, Lori sings at her church and has even been asked to sing at a handful of I-Cubs games. Oh yeah, did we mention she used to be a race car driver? No joke.


Ryan Johnson: Account Services

Ryan hails from the exotic and faraway lands of Johnston, Iowa. He’s been part of the family for about 5 months and is rocking and rolling on the account service team. Ladies and gentlemen, Ryan is a specimen, and a heck of an athlete. Oddly enough, as addicted as Ryan is to sports, he has never been skiing. We’re thinking that maybe we should change that for the next PM holiday outing.


Ashley Ellingson: Account Services

One of the newest members of the team is Ashley Ellingson, from right here in West Des Moines. The lovely and talented Ashley actually came into this world at a whopping 24 inches long. Her height has aided her in her volleyball career as she had the opportunity to play in Scotland while she was at Central College. Go Dutch!


Sean Neugent: Public Relations

Sean Neugent is all about tomfoolery. One of the first things we learned about Sean is that he can fit an entire grain of rice in his “butt chin” (his words, not ours). A Hawkeye sports fanatic, Sean covered basketball and football for hawkeyesports.com, and was also a color analyst for basketball, baseball, and softball games on the Big Ten Network. Were you ever wondering who is the owner of the sultry, engaging voice behind the play-by-play Drake football games on the radio? Yeah, us too – that’s Sean! He also completed the Chicago Marathon in 2008. No big deal.


Rachel Bowley: Account Services

From Malvern, Iowa, Rachel Bowley is another brand new member to the account service team. A self-proclaimed “tattoo addict” blames her vice on her dad, who has about 15 tattoos total. She only has five, so there are big shoes to fill. We heard through the grapevine that Rachel plans to get the PM logo tattooed on her forehead in the near future – you know, Mike Tyson style. She is also the only member of the PM team who can claim to have bitten through their tongue twice in freak softball accidents. She still loves softball to this day.


Well, there you have it – the newest members of the PM family. Oh yeah, the Shift team has also been growing like gangbusters, so stay tuned – we’re going to feature (see: embarrass) the new folks at Shift in next week’s post.


Hands-On Marketing

The biggest challenge of any product launch is getting the customers to get a feel for the product by trying it out.



Performance Marketing helped Honeywell get its latest building control products into the hands of contractors by, well, putting the products right in their hands. This can’t-be-ignored mailer (when a giant box arrives on your desk, you open it) contained actual products that the contractors could put to use right away, giving them a free trail while giving Honeywell instant exposure for the new products.


Chicago Pneumatic’s Tinseltown Debut

We know that all of our clients are stars – now, we just have proof.

Over the past year, when they haven’t prepping for trade shows, selling equipment or expanding their dealer network, the Chicago Pneumatic (their friends just call them “CP”) marketing and sales teams have been preparing for stardom.

Here’s a little background: In early 2013, CP was contacted by a production company working for the National Geographic Channel. The idea was for a brand new show that pits feats of technology against one another (think Myth-Busters meets Modern Marvels meets Survivor). After months of production and editing, the Chicago Pneumatic RX breaker is ready to make its on-screen debut on Showdown of the Unbeatables.

National Geographic Showdown of the Unbeatables

Airing April 4th at 9PM eastern, be sure to check out CP’s RX Breaker in all of it’s glory as it takes on an impenetrable safe – It’s the series premiere, too!

You may recognize the hosts of the show as well. Brian Unger has an extensive resume – you may recognize him from The Unger Report on NPR (his voice at least), How The States Got Their Shapes, or Quicken Loans commercials. He even had a number of appearances on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

His partner in crime, Zane Lamprey, is best known for his starring role in Drinking Made Easy – in this show, Lamprey has the difficult task of bellying up to the bar and trying out signature cocktails across the United States while providing his own engaging and unique brand of humor to the audience.

CP is showing off their talent too during the show – apart from the real star of the show, the RX breaker – Greg Petherbridge, Erin Crowe, Gus Armbruster, and Derek B. Miller (all part of the CP team) will be making their TV debut.

Get out the popcorn and snuggle in for what is going to prove to be an exciting new series.

Dealer Support

Many companies with a distribution network think of dealer support as writing “Thanks for a great year” on the side of a Christmas card each December. Fortunately for us (and their dealers), Toro doesn’t think that way. It provides its dealers with a full array of marketing support, including the TV spot we just completed that promotes Toro dealers rather than just Toro products. After all, dealers are the primary sales force, so making them feel good — and making potential customers feel good about them — can only be a positive.