• Performance Is Interactive

    From websites to mobile apps to interactive touchscreen displays, we can help you engage customers everywhere they go to get their information.

  • Performance Is Process

    That’s another way of saying we do our homework. We start with voice of customer and sales research. Then we help our clients fine-tune positioning and create a smart marketing plan.

  • Performance Is Newsworthy

    Ads build awareness. Media coverage builds credibility. Our experienced public relations team knows how to reach your customers with both to multiply the return on your investment.

  • Performance Is Hands-On

    Creativity and strategy are universal. Our experience is focused. We’re strong in construction, rental, landscaping, and home and shelter because we’re as immersed in them as our clients.

Our Work

Creative With Purpose

Performance Marketing is a full-service advertising agency, which basically means, “Yeah, we do that.” But we don’t do anything without a purpose. Whether it’s branding, digital, public relations or creative, every how starts with asking why. Then we match our skills to your goals to deliver the results you’re looking for. Check out some examples of our thinking.

Behind The Scenes

Meet the team

Our Story

When we chose a name like Performance Marketing, we set a pretty tough standard. And no one holds us more accountable to that standard than we do. We don’t want to be just another vendor; we want to be part of your team. That means doing more than order-taking; it means asking the questions that will lead to better outcomes. We’re not like other ad agencies or marketing firms, and we like it that way. For us, Performance means doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. That’s what has driven us since 1999, and that’s what continues to drive us today. Meet the team!


Our Sweet Spot

We serve a diverse range of clients with different needs, but we’re at our best when we help clients take an honest look at where their marketing needs to work harder and giving them smart ways to solve it. We understand the complexities of connecting with influencers at every point of the sales process, no matter what that process looks like for you. Whether you need to push communications from the top down or create the pull of customer demand, we have the tools to help you do just that.

Pm News

Still want to know more? Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Check out our blog for a quick look at recent work and other happenings at PM. You’ll find more backstory on some of our projects and our people. (The stuff that makes us who we are.) Click any image below for the full post, or scroll down and choose Browse All Articles.



We’ll help you turn opportunities into action.

For most products and services, the buyer goes through a decision process. From awareness and consideration to selection and loyalty, every point in that process is a marketing opportunity. This is our process for turning those opportunities into action.

  • Research

    What are your markets, segments and channels? Who are your customers and what’s important to them? The answers help us prioritize and execute strategies that get results.

  • Target

    With the audience in mind, we look for the gaps in the purchase process (awareness, consideration, selection, interaction and loyalty) to make the greatest impact.

  • Differentiate

    Once we know who we’re talking to, we translate what you offer into a position you can own. Then we define the value proposition for each audience you touch.

  • Strategize

    Based on what we’ve learned, we propose a go-to-market strategy with creative concepts to achieve it, along with metrics and priorities to maximize your return on investment.

  • Execute

    This is where we match our resources to your needs and provide marketing tools that not only reach out to your customers but also align all the influencers in the process.

  • Measure

    After the marketing plan is under way, we measure and refine as needed to stay on track for results. We also help you stay engaged with the customer after the purchase.


You can tell a lot about our company by the companies that work with us. We’re located in Iowa, but we serve clients around the world. Our client roster includes some of the top brands in their industries, which include home and shelter, construction, landscaping and rental. From trade shows to product knowledge to media relationships, we have a strong foundation in our clients’ businesses because we are immersed in them every day.


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