IronCaddy: Smarter Than Your Average Sales Tool

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In the agency biz, we get the opportunity to work with a bunch of different clients on a variety of different projects every single day. We know what you’re about to ask – but how do you do it? It’s simple: Commitment, collaboration, and caffeine. This particular project took copious amounts of all three, but the end product was a comprehensive sales tool that ultimately eliminated the need for bulky sales brochures, price books and spec sheets that frequently have to get updated and reprinted. The fully updatable content is all contained in one handy-dandy app.

Our good friends at KPI-JCI & Astec Mobile Screens came up with this great idea to provide a tool for their dealer network to help them sell their equipment. On a completely unrelated note, if you’re interested in some top-of-the line jaw crushers or frequency screens, we know someone you can call. According to the fine folks at KPI-JCI & Astec Mobile Screens, the response has been extremely positive.

Just a little digital show and tell to end your week. Eat your heart out, Zuckerberg.

Disclaimer: No developers were significantly hurt in the creation of the IronCaddy app.

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