The Newest Faces at Shift

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All of us at Performance Marketing secretly envy the Shift Interactive crew. They get to work in small intimate teams to churn out some awesome websites and apps; they have a big screen TV complete with N64 with Mariokart or NBA Jam running (what seems to be) constantly; and they always have a cache of pretzels and gummy worms to help them through tough “coding tears” (yes, we learned that this is an actual thing!). Well, now there are six more reasons why we’re even more jealous of our sister company, Shift Interactive.

Jaclyn Albrecht

aka J-Quellin – The newly-appointed den mother and cat-herder of the Shift team, Jaclyn keeps everything on track within Shift’s walls and works closely with the Performance Marketing team to whip the developers into shape (when required). A Wartburg grad, Jaclyn is enamored with secret societies, so much so that she may even start one someday (but I bet she won’t tell us – it would probably defeat the whole purpose of being a secret at that point). Jaclyn also had a stint in China, where she was forced to try jellyfish, and amazingly, in her own words, it “does not taste like chicken.”

Matt Smith

Hailing from majestic Webster City (Hamilton County, represent!), Matt is a huge Iowa Hawkeye fan. In fact, there was a three-year stretch where he and his buddies road-tripped to Florida for bowl games. He hasn’t done much road tripping in the past few years, because, well, let’s face it – the Hawkeyes are… rebuilding. Apart from road trips to Hawkeye games, Matt’s college life was pretty insane. He ran cross country and track at Buena Vista University, and one time, he ate an entire package of E.L. Fudge cookies in one sitting (kids, don’t try that at home).

Clayton Brady

Clayton comes to us from, well, all over. He grew up in a military family and has lived all over the United States, including Massachusetts and Alaska. When he’s not cranking out awesome websites and apps, he is usually beating one of the other PMers or Shifters at a video game. Any game on N64, Xbox, PS3, you name it – Clayton has played it, mastered it, and will beat you. But this gamer is no couch-potato –  he actually enjoys running and has even competed in half-marathons. Clayton is looking to complete his first marathon at the end of the year.

Roman Serebryakov

Roman wins the PM award for “most distance traveled”. Originally from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (we know what you’re thinking, and yes it is the same hometown as gold-medalist figure skater, Oksana Baiul), Roman is also the newest member to the Shift team and focuses primarily on front-end development. His hobbies include building RC airplanes and martial arts, which clearly go hand in hand. When he’s not busy with either of those activities, we assume you can find him at Red Lobster, because the man is a self-proclaimed shellfish-lover.


Cody Hill

This man loves what he does so much, his own name is even a tribute to his passion: coding. He’s been with us now for a little under a year, and only now is he volunteering crucial information that we should have known months ago. Cody can both juggle and stand on his head for extended periods of time – we’re not sure if that means simultaneously or not, but we will find out soon. Cody claims that if he wasn’t doing what he loves at Shift, he would probably join the circus. Wouldn’t we all, Cody?


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