Making an Impact: Chicago Pneumatic Red Hawk Product Launch

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When you’re launching an outside-the-box product, the thinking has to match. And we definitely stretched our creative legs on this product launch project.


The product was Chicago Pneumatic’s new Red Hawk line of motor drills and breakers. These portable tools are gasoline-powered, eliminating the need to be tied down to an air compressor or power pack (hence the “outside the box” analogy). Users can carry them to the jobsite and get to work — especially in remote areas that are hard to reach with larger equipment.

CP asked us to brainstorm a complete launch plan for the Red Hawk line, exploring ways to get buy-in from sales and create demand with customers. Our proposal included everything from a microsite to distributor truck graphics, all under the theme of “Harness the Power of Mobility.” The concept places the product in a range of locations, showcasing all the possibilities where the new Red Hawk line can be used.

When it was time to execute the campaign, winter photo shoot possibilities were extremely limited — so we used Photoshop to place operators in application-specific settings. The result is a bold, tough look that conveys power and portability.


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