(Water) Challenge Accepted

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Did you know that drinking water can increase your productivity by 14 percent? That’s because it helps you sleep better, think more clearly, and have more energy.

That knowledge kicked us into gear as we set out to drink more water as an agency. We organized our Water Challenge using a platform the interactive team had been building and passed out water bottles that turned the mundane task of drinking water into a fun-filled privilege. The platform allowed users to track the ounces of water they drank per day, check the leaderboard, and provide feedback to our developers.

Throughout the challenge, there were weekly winners for drinking the most water, weekly trivia winners, and a grand prize winner! But we only had a grand prize winner after breaking the tie with a friendly (and possibly embarrassing) game that involved pantyhose and tennis balls. Check it out.

Even though Andrew came out on top, the 90 percent of employees who took part in the challenge were all winners. Everyone upped their water intake and in turn improved their health. Together we drank 70,682 ounces of water over the course of a month, and that number would have been higher if we hadn’t run out of filtered water jugs (yes, we’re a bunch of divas).

Now, raise your water glass to our new habit sticking well into the New Year — and throughout 2017. Cheers!



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