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Camille and Paul started their journey with PM at the same time and on the same day, which just so happens to have been 15 years ago. See what they have to say about the time they’ve spent within this company.


What’s the best part about PM?

The dress code (just kidding). I’d say it’s the people, but I know everyone says that. These are some of the most talented, funny, intelligent, creative people I’ve ever met. Some are like my second family. But beyond that, it’s getting the trust, respect and space to make choices and do what I do well. That’s huge. It makes this more than just a job for me.

What’s your most memorable moment?

That’s a tough one. There have been so many. I think of all the holiday parties, chili potlucks, tough projects, fun projects, celebrations, challenges, travels, weddings, babies … even just good times spent hanging out and laughing with people. I just feel very fortunate to have seen this company grow so much and to have had some small part in that evolution.



What’s the best part about PM?

I have to say it’s the Annual PMG Holiday Party. It’s really a special time of year for recollection — we celebrate all the hard work and let loose more than usual.

What’s your most memorable memory from working here? 

In 15 years, you generate a lot of memories. It’s so tough to pick just one. One funny memory in particular is when we were back at our old place on 28th Street and someone bought a bunch of dog cookies from a doggie bakery. Ryan Albers ate the crap out of those things and we all ended up having a good laugh over it once we let him in on the secret. Even though he thought they were kind of salty and the taste was off, it didn’t stop him from coming back for the last one. Good times for sure.

I’ve shared laughter, tears, heartache and glory with these folks. I’m glad to call them all family.



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