Congratulations, Matt & Kristine!

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We’ve had a lot of milestone anniversaries at PM lately, and these two are no exception. Both Matt and Kristine have been with us for 10 years — through all the highs, all the lows, and every point in between.


Best Part of PM

Easy answer – the people. It never feels like I’m coming to “work”. We get to have fun and get cool stuff done every day.

Favorite Memory

Many years ago, a group would gather in an office and Michelle would read excerpts from a book that was pretty inappropriate and a little raunchy – even by our “loose” standards. It always had lots of laughter and tears from being so ridiculous and funny.


Best Part of PM

I have the most amazing group of co-workers, and they are like family to me. When you work at the same place for 10 years, it feels a little like you grew up with the company and those who work there. Having the support of a great team and great management is absolutely priceless. There have been countless times we have needed to pull things together last minute for a client and put in those extra hours, and the team has always rallied around me. That’s a great feeling.

Favorite Memory

As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s impossible to give just one. We are a solutions based company and sometimes that means solving a problem that seems insurmountable to someone else. I think some of my favorite memories involve the times we came together as a team and solved one of those seemingly insurmountable challenges for a client. Pulling together as a team for a big deadline – especially on the weekends and late at night – always creates lots of memories and usually a few laughs too.



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