2017 Wellness Update

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You may wonder — how does PM keep in tip-top shape? Well, we have our hard-working wellness committee to thank for that. Here are a few activities we’ve done in 2017 that have helped us become our best selves yet.

New Years Resolution Contest

Because we all struggle to keep our resolutions past week one, we challenged ourselves to a full four weeks — makes sense right? It was all about killing a bad habit and picking up a healthy one! A little competition always helps, so we set up a tracking board, for everyone to see — and to encourage some friendly banter.

Stair Challenge

The most competitive wellness initiative yet — but our current challenge definitely has potential to top it. For the stairs challenge, we were on teams, which made climbing stairs THAT much more fun (or maybe just bearable). Dana and Ellie battled it out until Ellie realized there was a daily stair limit — and even if she hit that every day to the end of the challenge, she would still lose to the Ultimate StairMaster, Dana. First and second place got some pretty cool prizes, but the rest of us slackers walked up and down hundreds of flights of stairs with nothing to show but our sore muscles.

Yoga, Pilates, and Boxing

Right here in the office, we’ve been sculpting, downward-dogging, and tree-posing our hearts out for the last six months. We made yoga and pilates regular classes, and visited a boxing studio for a change of scenery — turns out we like to throw punches!

For the summer, we’re switching it up and providing an outdoor boot camp class for those who like to get sweaty. Stay tuned for updates — blackmail-worthy photos may follow.

Step Challenge

We’re just beginning this one, and with so many people already tracking their steps through smartphones and other devices, it’s bound to be a raging success. The biggest question is: Will Dana return to stomp the competition all over again? We’ll just have to wait and find out.



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