The Annual PMG Picnic With a Twist

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Thursday, July 13th was an eventful day at PM. As if the annual company picnic wasn’t enough, we also got to meet our newest employee, Zach Allen! Zach is our new media coordinator and the picnic just happened to be the perfect opportunity for him to meet a few future coworkers.

We hung out at Colby Park along with the talented folks from Ferinheit Wood Oven Pizza, our friends at The Outside Scoop, a talented balloon artist and a face-painter who the kids just adored. There were loads of tigers, butterflies, and unicorns running around the park by the end of the night.

It wouldn’t have been a PM Picnic without some kickball, and the kiddos made sure to keep that tradition going. They whiffed, scraped up their knees and had full-on red cheeks after 30 minutes.

In between kickball innings, we had the opportunity to learn more about our newest team member, Zach. We learned that he’s a bit of a gamer (Destiny, anyone?), and got some insight about his former career as a “Burrito Craftsman” at Drake University Dining Services, where he worked while he attended school. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that like many Drake students and alumni, Zach looks forward to the Drake Relays every year.

All in all, it was a great picnic, and a great opportunity to get to know our new pal, Zach Allen. Welcome to the team!



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