5 Years of Clayton

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The last couple of months have proven to be the busiest hiring season we’ve had here. We’re growing at rapid-fire pace and have welcomed five new friends just within the last month and a half!

This year though, for one last time, Clayton Brady is our only August anniversary, and we’re excited to celebrate him.

Clayton has been working with us as a developer for five years now and aside from creating cool apps and working on really intricate projects, he’s also done other important things — like being a co-founder of our Fun Committee, a captain for a kickball team and a notable pool shark.

No matter what he’s doing, we love working with him, and he seems to like us back. We asked him what the best part of working here was, here’s what he had to say.

“I think the best part of working here is the variety of challenges that I’m presented with daily. Any day, a new client can walk through the door with a crazy idea, and I love being challenged to find a solution to their problem. Also the people! I’m surrounded by talented, genuine coworkers and management who make working here fun.

Aw! Isn’t he the best? He’s a good guy with a great work ethic, and that’s made even more apparent as he recalls his favorite memory.

“I think my favorite memory would be way back when I first started here, I was put on an Android app for KPI-JCI named IronCaddy. It was a very quick turnaround project with a little under a month from when I started to when we needed it delivered to the client. The day before the app was due, there was still a major issue with the app, which caused PDFs to be unreadable, so Nate and I worked through the night trying to solve the issue. At about 2AM that night, we placed an order for Paul Revere’s pizza to be delivered to the office since it was the only restaurant open that late and still delivered. I don’t remember if the pizza was good or not, and I’ve never worked that late on a project again (at least not at the office). An hour or so later, we would find a solution to our problem, but that night is cemented in my memory as one of my important nights of my career here at Shift.

I think the experience reinforced how dedicated we were as a company to meeting the deadlines of our clients. It was also my first project professionally and within Shift, so for me it was a project I desperately wanted to deliver on time and fully functional. I remember showing up the next day, loading up a bunch of tablets, and being glad that my first project was complete!”

We love this guy.

So, as August comes to a close, let’s raise a glass to Clayton. Thanks for the past five years!

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