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Kickball shirts

Our highly-competitive-but-technically-just-for-fun Kickball game is the highlight of our fall PM in the PM. We take it pretty seriously. Teams are drafted, named, and then t-shirts are designed. We’re all hoping that our team’s shirt catches Kevin’s eye because there’s usually a free lunch (and pride) on the table.

Plus, if our team wins, we get to strut around the office halls until next year’s game. It’s a brutal battle of wit and athletic ability because we all want to proudly display one of those little plastics trophies that Tom orders for the winners.

But before the balls start rolling though, we pregame with a bit of business. We kick off our kickball with a PM in the PM presentation. (See what we did there?) That just means Kevin and Jim walked us through all the new happenings at PM.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • We’re growing! Did you know we’ve added nine people since our last PM in the PM? That’s a lot of new friends! (More on that in a later blog.)
  • You can now find us in Minnesota! One of our new additions to the team, Anne Hansen, will be representing PM in the Twin Cities. (More on that later, too.)
  • Next year is our 20th (YES, TWENTIETH!) Anniversary!

Anyway, back to the really important stuff. The teams. The entire company was drafted onto four separate teams, “Kevin’s Kids”, “Balls of Gold”, “Team Better Brother”, and “Kick Bait”.

Not quite living up to their name, Team Better Brother was the first to fall. Kevin’s Kids was quick to follow them, proving they really need to focus more on kickball instead of trying to suck up to Kevin.

The championship match between Kick Bait and Balls of Gold was an exciting one. The twists, the turns, the pulled muscles! In the end, Balls of Gold emerged victorious and the envy of the entire office.

Here they are in all their glory.

As a consolation of sorts, Team Better Brother did end up winning Kevin’s affection and he awarded them the honor of “best t-shirt design”. So, not all their pride was lost.

At the end of the day though, we all walked away winners because we got to play kickball and drink beer at a work event, and isn’t that the dream we all strive for?


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