• Wine Not?

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    Wine Time Friday, (lovingly referred to around these parts as WTF), is even better than it sounds. Basically, it’s a low-key company event that’s grown from a few employees wine tasting around the in-office bar, to an organized competition. Teams bring in their favorite wine to sample, and this year, we used a new app that our friends in Shift built to vote on the best wines of the bunch. The winning wines moved on to the next round, and the losing wines — well, they get consumed anyway. It was also the perfect opportunity to test the new app and find any bugs or glitches.

    If you’re trying to imagine how this works, just envision your March Madness bracket, but with wine. We started with the Sweet Sixteen, moved onto the Elite Eight, then the Final Four, and finally, the Championship. Hanging out with coworkers, sipping tiny glasses of wine, and playing with iPads — all while tapping into our competitive spirit, was pretty awesome.

    This time around, the team of Andrew S., Emily S., and Cody came out on top with their Hob Nob Pinot Noir.

    You should try it. After all, it comes highly recommended from all your friends at Performance Marketing, Shift and Blue Traffic.



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  • 5 Years And Counting

    on Mar 30
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    When you look up the word genuine in the dictionary, you might just run across Tanya’s photo. We’re pleased to have been able to work alongside her for five years now, and we look forward to many more wonderful years ahead. Here’s Tanya’s take on the past five years here at PMG.

    What’s the best part about PMG?

    I’d say the best parts of PM are the people and work flexibility. When people say “find a career that you are excited to go to every day and doesn’t feel like a job, then work hard to never let it go” they’re right — and this is it. It’s fun to be able to work as a team on projects and get to know more about one another’s talents and personalities.

    What’s your favorite memory from working here?

    There are lots of memories! I’d say the amount of growth within the five years I’ve been working here. When I started here, there were around 20 employees and we are currently up to 60. However, the culture here is still important. We continue to have both family-oriented and employee-only events outside of work that help us continue to be a tight-knit group.

    To only list a few, we’ve had Wine Time Fridays, holiday parties, summer picnics, and baseball game outings. Recently, we also designated committees that create opportunities for charity involvement, wellness initiatives, and more. There’s not one single thing that I can point to, but it’s really a combination of the rewarding work, the wonderful people, and the additional opportunities to make a difference that really make this place special.



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  • Another Coffee Aficionado

    on Mar 10
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    As we’ve gotten to know Britt, the newest member of Performance Marketing, we’ve learned a lot about her. She’s originally from West Des Moines, so she’s back in her old stomping grounds at our office. Britt hasn’t strayed too far from the area though — she graduated from Iowa State less than a year ago and has been working as both a barista and social media coordinator ever since.

    Britt definitely has a favorite morning beverage, and it’s an Americano with a generous amount of cream (which is 100% a typical barista answer). She has a lot of other favorites too, like the vegan krunk rice from Krunkwich Ramen House, Power Life Yoga, camping, the band The Black Keys, and her beloved dog, Frank. She’s also a certified SCUBA diver if you were wondering. It seems to us like she kind of does it all.

    If you’re ever in the office, say hi to Britt — we couldn’t be more excited to have her!



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  • Break Out the Champagne

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    Camille and Paul started their journey with PM at the same time and on the same day, which just so happens to have been 15 years ago. See what they have to say about the time they’ve spent within this company.


    What’s the best part about PM?

    The dress code (just kidding). I’d say it’s the people, but I know everyone says that. These are some of the most talented, funny, intelligent, creative people I’ve ever met. Some are like my second family. But beyond that, it’s getting the trust, respect and space to make choices and do what I do well. That’s huge. It makes this more than just a job for me.

    What’s your most memorable moment?

    That’s a tough one. There have been so many. I think of all the holiday parties, chili potlucks, tough projects, fun projects, celebrations, challenges, travels, weddings, babies … even just good times spent hanging out and laughing with people. I just feel very fortunate to have seen this company grow so much and to have had some small part in that evolution.



    What’s the best part about PM?

    I have to say it’s the Annual PMG Holiday Party. It’s really a special time of year for recollection — we celebrate all the hard work and let loose more than usual.

    What’s your most memorable memory from working here? 

    In 15 years, you generate a lot of memories. It’s so tough to pick just one. One funny memory in particular is when we were back at our old place on 28th Street and someone bought a bunch of dog cookies from a doggie bakery. Ryan Albers ate the crap out of those things and we all ended up having a good laugh over it once we let him in on the secret. Even though he thought they were kind of salty and the taste was off, it didn’t stop him from coming back for the last one. Good times for sure.

    I’ve shared laughter, tears, heartache and glory with these folks. I’m glad to call them all family.



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  • Toro Partners With Baltimore Ravens

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    What do Toro and the Baltimore Ravens football team have in common? TURF. Until recently, the Ravens played on an artificial turf field. As of the 2016 NFL season, the Ravens now play on a natural turf field, and Toro’s turf maintenance equipment takes great care of the brand new field.

    Immediately following the transition from artificial to natural turf, our very own Kristine White and Andrew Gillman traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to capture the story firsthand. They spoke with Don Follett, M&T Bank Stadium’s senior director of grounds, on behalf of Toro. Follett shared insight as to why he uses Toro equipment to take care of such an important playing field.

    “This is the National Football League and they always try and have the best — to hold the best performance for the fans — and Toro is the best equipment out there,” Follett said.

    We captured his answers on camera and also filmed the installation of one of the goal posts into the natural grass field. With those raw materials in hand, the PM team returned to DSM to produce a video for both Toro and Follett’s local Toro distributor, Turf Equipment and Supply Company.

    The final video was used in Toro’s newsletter and social media, and currently resides on their website. We also created an accompanying article so our PR team could pitch the entire story to industry publications. Check it out!



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  • The Media Team Takes On Chicago

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    One of our goals has always been to make continual learning a priority. In fact, we consider it almost as important as our day-to-day work. In today’s world, there are always new advancements, programs, and processes we can use to tweak how we do business — we just have to go out and find them.

    A couple months ago, our media team did just that. Media buying is an area that’s growing into a much more digital, automated process — and because of that, they took it upon themselves to dive a little bit deeper into advanced programmatic advertising (an automated way to buy advertising placements) at an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) course in Chicago.

    IAB is an organization that supports advertisers around the country as they continually adjust to the digital world. They create the standards and guidelines, offer classes and certifications and provide thought leadership for the industry.

    So, the media team packed up and headed to Chicago for a daylong class comprised of media professionals — both buyers and sellers. They learned a ton about the future of advanced programmatic advertising and how it helps target audience demographics in a much more detailed way.

    “This class gave us a great overview of programmatic from the buyer side, but also gave us insight to how the vendors and operations staff function, as well. It’s important that we can all work together to make our clients’ buys the most efficient as possible,” said our very own Stephanie Maxwell.

    And that’s what these learning opportunities do — give us tools that help us provide our clients with the best possible work, which is what it’s all about. It’s exciting to see the tremendous advances in our industry, and we can’t wait to see what we learn next!



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  • (Water) Challenge Accepted

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    Did you know that drinking water can increase your productivity by 14 percent? That’s because it helps you sleep better, think more clearly, and have more energy.

    That knowledge kicked us into gear as we set out to drink more water as an agency. We organized our Water Challenge using a platform the interactive team had been building and passed out water bottles that turned the mundane task of drinking water into a fun-filled privilege. The platform allowed users to track the ounces of water they drank per day, check the leaderboard, and provide feedback to our developers.

    Throughout the challenge, there were weekly winners for drinking the most water, weekly trivia winners, and a grand prize winner! But we only had a grand prize winner after breaking the tie with a friendly (and possibly embarrassing) game that involved pantyhose and tennis balls. Check it out.

    Even though Andrew came out on top, the 90 percent of employees who took part in the challenge were all winners. Everyone upped their water intake and in turn improved their health. Together we drank 70,682 ounces of water over the course of a month, and that number would have been higher if we hadn’t run out of filtered water jugs (yes, we’re a bunch of divas).

    Now, raise your water glass to our new habit sticking well into the New Year — and throughout 2017. Cheers!



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  • Jolly Holiday Lights

    on Jan 20
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    Many of our friends in Central Iowa have probably heard of Jolly Holiday Lights, Make-A-Wish Iowa’s biggest yearly fundraiser. It’s a drive-through light show that has become a Christmastime tradition for many metro area families. For 20 years, the show was at Water Works Park in the heart of Des Moines, but due to flooding issues it has now moved to a new location.


    The biggest challenge about making the move to Adventureland Park in Altoona was making sure people knew about the transition. To help get the word out, PM stepped in. We updated the Jolly Holiday Lights logo and helped create posters and programs for the event. We had a strong PR push as part of this project, and many forms of paid media to raise awareness including outdoor, digital, Facebook, and good old fashioned newspaper ads. In fact, after the first press release went out asking for volunteers, the spots were filled in a matter of days.


    The event saw great results regarding traffic, too. Make-A-Wish had a lofty goal of getting 32,000 cars through the show, which was thousands more than any other year. Their high expectations were actually exceeded though, with a final number of 37,000 cars throughout the holiday season.

    One challenge Jolly Holiday Lights faced at the new location was traffic flow — at times, it was completely backed up to the interstate. To solve that problem, we helped implement real-time updates on their Facebook page that showed the estimated wait time. That way, people could check how busy it was before leaving their homes.


    We also created a video to show exactly what Make-A-Wish Iowa does as an organization. It’s not directly tied to Jolly Holiday Lights, but instead will be used as a flexible piece in many facets of their business.

    We are so grateful that we got to work with Make-A-Wish Iowa throughout this holiday season — and that our work went toward such a great cause. Hopefully you made it to Jolly Holiday Lights this year, but if not, consider supporting Iowa children by attending the light show next year!



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  • Double The Christmas Cheer

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    We’re a festive company, so we like to celebrate with not one but TWO Christmas parties each year! If you’ve worked with us for a while, you know the drill. If not, this is how it goes: Christmas Party #1 on Friday night is a casual, no-stress activity along with food and beverages, and Christmas Party #2 on Saturday night is when we really dress it up and go all out.


    Friday’s festivities commenced at a local microbrewery, and the committee put together an awesome night of classic bingo, awesome prizes and tasty beer. Special thanks to Ellie’s mom, who baked hundreds of monster cookies for us to enjoy. What a gem. We had a great time, and were just getting warmed up for Saturday’s party.

    On Saturday, we donned our finest threads and headed to the historic Hotel Kirkwood lobby in downtown Des Moines with our significant others. It was the perfect setting for cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, and another cocktail hour.


    What was the highlight of the night? One of them had to be when Kevin got his own bobble head. Yes, for real — and he proceeded to take it on a tour around the office Monday. The resemblance is uncanny! All jokes aside, the PMG partners hosted a fantastic party for us all and we’re already looking forward to next year.

    Before we skip to next year though, let’s make the most of this Christmas season. The holidays are a time to reflect and this year like many others, we are filled with gratitude. Gratitude for a year of growth, our amazing work family, and the great clients and partners we work with every day. From our Performance Marketing Group family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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  • The Performance Marketing Group Elves at Work

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    Toyland FeatureEvery quarter, our Community Involvement team figures out a nice way to us to give back. This quarter, they put together an awesome volunteer opportunity for all of us to participate in — a gift drive for Toyland.

    Toyland is a program that helps low-income families provide presents to their children at Christmastime. Toys are gathered and assembled in a store-like setting where parents can pick out toys and other gifts with no financial commitment. It’s a great program that eases the holiday stress that so many families face, in West Des Moines and surrounding areas.


    At the beginning of December, the team set up a beautiful tree with lights and garland and ornaments — but the decorations weren’t the point of the tree. It was about giving. It was about selflessness. It was about putting our own needs aside to provide for the needs of those less fortunate.

    Over the next couple weeks, the pile under the tree grew larger and larger until our goal of 100 gifts turned into 200. Our Community Involvement team was so happy to load up the car to deliver our donation to the store location. A week after the delivery, about 20 of our employees went back to volunteer at the Toyland store. They assisted shoppers, accepted toy donations, and helped keep the entire room organized so shoppers had the best Christmas gift-finding experience ever.


    We were honored to be a part of the West Des Moines Human Services Toyland drive and will continue to be on the lookout for ways we can make a difference throughout the holiday season, and the year to come. Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone!



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