Honeywell “Cold Chain” Video & Brochure

on Aug 7

Before you eat it, your food has (hopefully) been safely delivered through a cold chain. The chain may include refrigerated trucks that take produce from the farm to the processor and then to the market. Food that’s imported should be on a refrigerated ship before being loaded onto a refrigerated truck. At the market, it’s kept in chilled units. And at home it goes in your refrigerator or freezer. That big loop is called a cold chain, and any break in it can cause food to spoil. For businesses, that means lost profits. For consumers, that means ick.

Fortunately, Honeywell makes an amazing product called Solstice® that helps the cold chain perform at a high level. Solstice refrigerants keep ships, trucks and supermarket chillers cold with outstanding efficiency. And Solstice blowing agents improve insulation performance in ships, trucks, chillers and home refrigerators. In both refrigeration and insulation applications, Solstice is also the most environmentally friendly choice available.

To help top customers like Wal-Mart, Kroger and more see the value of using Solstice products throughout their cold chains, Performance Marketing worked with Honeywell to create a video and brochure that tells the Solstice energy-efficiency and environmental story.


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